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March 7 2022 – BALI ENTRY update

Latest on what is needed to be able to come to BALI from abroad on a INTERNATIONAL flight that did not transit somewhere else in Indonesia. As of today only Singapore Airline, Garuda and Jetstar operate such flights. GOOD NEWS,

Entry Requirements for Bali on Feb 18 2022

Will Bali Remove Quarantine?

The answer to the billion Indonesian Rupiah Question “Will Bali Remove Quarantine?” is…YES! Warm-up Vacation Officially it’s not even a called a quarantine anymore but a “warm-up vacation“. You have to admire the creativity here! It’s actually a pretty neat

Chinese New Year in Bali

Will Bali reopen to international tourists in 2022?

We surely hope so! The end of the year, with its welcomed mane of Indonesian visitors, is done and gone. January 2022 saw Bali slip back to peace and quiet, apart from a few epic rainstorms. February is now on