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March 15 2022 : Bali is ready for international visitors, are you ready for Bali?

March 17, 2022

Here is what you need:

The list of requirements to come to Bali is pretty long, BUT the conditions are pretty easy to fulfill, check below to see if you are ready!

  • Be fully vaccinated.
  • Book an international flight: As of 9 March, SIA, Scoot, and Jetstar are flying from Singapore to Bali. Garuda and Jetstar are flying from Australia. Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur. KLM from Amsterdam via Singapore.
  • Have health and travel insurance covering for Covid-19, this one cost 500 000 IDR (32 EUR). That’s the best option if you don’t already have insurance, specifically covering Covid-19 mishaps.
  • Buy a Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the airport (for passport holders of 23 countries): 500 000 IDR (32 EUR). Have 6 months validity on your passport and at least 2 blank pages.
List of passports allowing you to buy a 30 days visa on arrival in Bali airport.
  • International visitors need to book and pay for a CHSE certified accommodation: 3 nights minimum, and book a CHSE transport from the airport. Here is the list, select Bali + Badung (for hotels in South Bali).
  • Have Whatsapp (for test results) and Peduli Lindungi app installed & up and running on your phone.
  • Fill-in the online custom declaration form.
  • 3 PCR tests : 1 negative result IN ENGLISH no more than 48 hours before departure + undergo 1 PCR test upon arrival either at the airport or at your pre-booked accommodation (travellers are required to wait in their room for the results) + undergo 1 PCR test on day 3 (after 2 nights). Between the last 2 tests visitors are free to go where they want, and don’t actually need to stay in the booked accommodation. You can pre-book and pay your tests here.

It could be easier but it’s the easiest it’s been for 2 years!

If you are ready to do it…then Bali is ready for you and Villa Nest team is very much looking forward to welcoming you with our unique sense of hospitality.

Welcome to Bali official document
Sunset in South Bali: as inspiring and photogenic as ever.
Seminyak Beach Sunset
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