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What is Seminyak (Bali) like nowadays? Part 1 : Food 🍜🥗🍕🍛

April 30, 2022

Our up-to-date addresses and activities if you decide to stay in Seminyak area (away from Canggu). Where to eat and what’s up!

International tourists are coming back to Bali and, after 2 years of travel ban that is excellent news indeed! As expected not everything is as before. So, What’s up and new in Seminyak (Bali)?

First, some small (and large) businesses had to closed down and won’t be reopening, secondly during the pandemic and Canggu was “the” place to be.As a result Seminyak (including Oberoi and Petitenget) are now considered quiet areas as the traffic and crowds are now mostly in Canggu!

Good news are…

If you stay in Seminyak, one good news is that for our favorite day trips (more on that in a later post) you won’t be spending as much time as before in the car! Just make sure to tell your driver not to go through Canggu!

And now, à table!

A second good news is that you won’t need to book ahead for lunch or even dinner in most of our recommended local eateries and restaurants. And if you need bookings, our manager extraordinaire will do that for you!

Our favorites these days are as follow :

Central Seminyak and Drupadi :

Also, just a little further away (Petitenget, Oberoi…) :

  • Mano beach cafe (international / Beachside)
  • La Lucciola (italian / Beachside – Thursday to Sunday, lunch and dinner)
  • Kynd community (vegan)
  • Mauri (italian fine-dining / booking essentials)
  • Kasto (italian, edgy, vegan)
  • Sarong (asian – Wednesday to Sunday, dinner only)
  • Biku (international + indonesian, and HIGH TEA)
  • Café Bali (long time expat’s favorite, all day dining, everydays)
  • Bambu (indonesian fine dining, Thursday to Sunday, dinner only)

And of course we also have great recommandations in Canggu, Ubud and Jimbaran!

Coming Next…

What is Seminyak like nowadays? Part 2 : Activities

What is Bali like nowadays? : Day Trips

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